BEST HFs ytd non US

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  1. 10 best this yr
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  3. The Sabre Fund is up 806% in 3 years!!!! That's awesome.

    Any idea of how much money is managed in that fund?

    Thanks for the thread Copernicus.
  4. hello

    I am curious ... if I walk into a bloomberg office lobby or hotel / restaurant lobby that has a
    bloomberg terminal .... and I want to scan a database of H.F. returns or look at the historical
    returns and managers of a certain fund or two

    is it as easy as just typing in "HF" ( or something like this ?

    thanks for the cool bloomberg screen shots !
  5. Seth,

    Almost everything you could imagine is available via the Bloomie terminal. They give classes all the time on how to use the equipment. If you know how to use all the functions, it is as easy as typing in a few letters and hitting the correct function key.

    Unfortunately, I know how to use probably 10% of it.
    I guess I should attend a few of those classes. :confused:
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  7. this is the most interesting part

    The ingredients for Sabre's success are actually very simple - "good stockpicking," Mathews says. No
    proprietary quant models. No mean reversion trades. Instead, the Sabre team relies on experience and a lot
    of legwork. Sabre's four investment professionals - Mathews, Edward Falkiner, Rod Hinchcliffe, and Ben
    Henri - visit or attend presentations for some 500 companies a year. The four have worked together for the
    last six years and have a combined 51 years of market experience.
  8. go to HFND function, you can get a lot of information that way
  9. they have "cheat sheets" for different functional areas, equities, fixed income, derivatives, etc that give you major functions for them. you can pull it up on bloomberg and print.
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    Can anyone reccomend good HF yen denominated? with long track record.
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