Best FX trading API

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Trader/God, May 9, 2006.

  1. Requirements:
    1. Easy to use and set up
    2. Robust
    3. Free to use, no fees
    4. No account minimum
    5. Can easily test on a demo account
    6. With a reputable broker

    Guarantee you can eliminate 95% of API’s out there with the above criteria. This FX API is a fit read this trading forum for more info
  2. flakac


    I have deceided for MetaTrader3 API.
    Anybody else here dealing with these stuff?
    (I am doing trading system in Matlab, API is necessary component)
  3. sccz97


    most fx brokers using metatrader have now upgraded to MT4 which doens't have a publically available api. As you said, there aren't many api's out there that fit your criteria. Unless you're willing to compormise on a few points (mainly the cost issue) you're gonna have to go with mbt or ib. THe MBT api is very easy to use but the servers seemed to keep going down when I was testing. The good thing is you can open a demo account and test for as long as you want. The other option is ib where you can test on the demo server (although the quotes aren't real time). Also, I think the socket api is ridiculous, so mnay ways things can and can go wrong depending on what kind of strategy you want to use.
  4. squeeze


    6. With a reputable broker :D
  5. flakac


    Yes, that's the problem. I plan to use FXDD. However, I don't know how long they plan to support the MT3.

    See my question on metatrader3 brokers at
  6. Is it okay to use the Meta Trader 3 API with FXDD?

    I asked them in March 2006 if they have an API and their response was, "We can make exception but usually $500,000.00 is the amount that we will give someone our API .". Yes, that was the quote. :eek:

    Now I see they have 3 trading platforms:
    FXDD Trader, MetaTrader, and Power Trader. So I assume the above quote was regarding the FXDD Trader API.

    But since they offer MetaTrader 3 and 4 trading platforms, can I use the Meta Trader 3 API (and not have to notify FXDD that I am doing so)? :confused: