Best fx charting software?

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  1. katiewc


    can anyone recommend a really good charting software for fx?
    I need reliable data, and preferably easy to use.
    I have tried Ninja Trader, MetaTrader and IB and find all of them to be not so great. Anyone find one they think is really good?

  2. thstart


    what do you not like in Ninja Trader, MetaTrader and IB?
  3. Dont like Metatrader??? Seems like you are not aware of the dizzying amount of FREE, custom indicators and templates available to help you spot trades.

    Example: follow the DAISY using overbought/oversold conditions along with pivots.

    Even a caveman can do it.....:cool:
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  5. thstart


    Ninja Trader, MetaTrader and IB - let's make a list - like/dislike?
  6. Personally i use Neoticker.

    If you dont specify why you dislike these other platforms it will be hard to make any recommendations.
  7. thstart


    Exactly! it would be interesting to know how many of you are using Excel?
  8. katiewc


    Hi, good point! haha.. let me explain:

    IB: I use IB to trade but the charts are not that great when you shrink them (I have 12 on one screen). Unlike Meta Trader or NT, you can't slide the mouse over and "enlarge" the charts.. that's my main complaint

    NT: OK I actually like NT, however I hate having 10-20 different charts on my windows taskbar... it clutters up everything and wastes time when i need to switch to an excel sheet or something.

    Meta: I like Meta the most, however I notice that the data is different from IB... is that because it's not live? I'm using the alpari demo account as the server to download data.

  9. LeeD


    As Pippi436 suggested above Neoticker actually does all the 3 things listed. Of course, you need to try the demo first before deciding if it works of you.

    I understand each chart has a toolbar that you have to use if you want to shrink/expand the chart. It's actually pretty nifty if you get accustomed but if you have a few charts on teh screen the toolbars eat up a lot of screen space. In Neoticker you can use mouse and keyboard shortcuts to zoom in/zoom out. Further, you can disable even the window frame on a chart to use the screen specae most efficiently.

    Only one application on the taskbar with Neoticker.

    Neoticker can get data directly from IB.

    Regarding MetaTrader there are a few potential reasons:
    1) Foreign exchange doesn't have a single centralised futures venue (like futures do). So, data from different brokers may differ by a pip, sometimes 2.
    2) Demo account may have delayed or totally unrelated prices. Try checking alpari demo platform versus IB
    3) Some platforms rapaint charts on timer. This may seem like unnecessary delay but in fact it stops teh platform from freezing when batches of a few hundred ticks pump in during spikes of market activity. If the platform uses "timer" charting, just increase repaint frequency to whatever you feel comfotable with.
  10. katiewc


    thanks i'll give it a look
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