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    I hear alot of good things about TT and I have used it to trade for 3+ years. TT keeps comming out with features that improve the product like Stop Loss orders and the ability to drag and drop orders.

    TT is a professional product and targets traders who want these features and charges a monthly fee. J-Trader usually is built into the price of your commissions instead of a monthly fee. So, if you do more than about 450 RT/month the cost is the same or less.

    At Velocity Futures we offer Dual Login's to two different servers for TT and we charge $125 less for TT than most other firms because we like it so much. It is just $500/month, including both logins.

    I think if you are starting out trading and don't know if you are going to make a career out of it or not yet, then either product will do if not J-Trader. But, if you are a full time trader, there really is no substitute.

    Another thing to consider is the platform stability, after all how much oportunity do you loose if your platform has problems when you are trading news. This can pay for several months of a stable platform. Your Internet Connection and your software can make the difference between making it as a trader and blowing up.
  2. How much do you guys charge for TT on 4 exchanges?
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    jearnest Velocity Futures

    At Velocity Futures we charge you the following per exchange for TT's X-Trader Product

    Base Charge (includes 1 exchange)


    Additional Exchange $250

    Additional Exchanges after that $125

    $1400 for X-Trader Pro (includes all exchanges) and API, Autotrader and Autospreader

    Call me with any questions you may have.

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    i just open an account with advanced futures and they work together with global futures,so the system i use is global futures' j-trader,first three days' trading its working fine,but its down yesterday's morning and again today's morning,cost me some money,the service is bad too,i think i should and will change to tt platform unless.............