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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by canuck, Sep 29, 2002.

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    from traders' experiences, which market would you guys say is the best - meaning most liquid and which flows nicest in terms of trends and technicals outside of the S&P.

    I was looking into Hong Kong. Any thoughts?? As I'm from the East Coast and Asian markets would suit my sleeping preferences better than 3:00am for the Estx50. BUT, money is money and I'd trade anything for more money :D

    I'm looking to expanding and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I find the DAX (traded on Eurex) extremely good for futures trading. High multiplier of EUR 25 and very tight markets, EUR 0.50 wide all day long, which is the smallest tick size.
    Also, the index moves around fairly quickly, so the DAX can be quite a wild tiger with lots of opportunities and mishaps to be unleashed.
  3. Nice thread! I think the input will be limited but very informative. I'm guessing with Esignal you could chart the DAX. Or maybe with Excel and IB you could chart. Hmmmm!
  4. MrNice


    Good Morning from Germany.
    I am trading the FDAX and its the best market i know.
    Its high speed money in one or the other direction.

    But you should get used to it. The spread is sometimes more than
    2 points, but that is quite an exception.

    There is also the FESX (Euros stoxx Future) which runs more or less like the FDAX but is 10 € a point. It is way more liquid. 5 times
    the volume of FDAX.

    You should also know that here in Europe we fall twice the speed
    if the US Market goes down.

    So i like to trade the FDAX if US MArkets are open. Then it is more predictable.

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    Take a look at the HSI (Hong Kong). Liquidity is decent but not great. It whips around alot but it does trend. I think its a great trading market but it definately does not suit all trading styles or the faint of heart. I'd suggest you watch it for a couple of days to see if it fits your style.

    A bunch of futures in Europe have execellent liquidity (ESX50, DAX, Cac, FTSE) but they don't seem to fit your time zone too well.
  6. Treasury futures are worth a look too, the bund on Eurex for example.
  7. trade much compared to its bigger brother?

    whats the average daily volume lately in the HK futures contracts ?
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    Today HSI traded 16K and the mini 4K. (4 1/2 hour trading day). Outside of expiry week, that's about average. Doesn't seem like much but it was volatile and liqiud.

    One other market to mention for after hours trading are the Globex currency futures. Very tight markets around the clock. I imagine the $/Yen is interesting to trade these days.
  9. the EUREX bund future (bond future) is very liquid, 800000 c/day and nice for those who like to trade with multiple contracts and "scale in/scale out", cause 1 tick is only 10EUR...but it has a lot of days, where not much is hapening...

    :) trading
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    thanks for the responses guys. I'm going to study a few of them before jumping in....
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