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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jjf, Feb 9, 2010.

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    I know we have been done this path before, but I am interested to know if there is a charting programe out there, stripped down, stable and ready for futures trading.

    Everything else I have seen is a"one size fits all" from stocks to futs, from intraday to EOD and beyond

    Surely someone has developed a futs intraday charting programe and I just have not stumbled over it as yet.
  2. Hi jjf,

    I do not know if you already stumbled over TradeProject or not. I'm the developer and you can trade Futures with it. It offers a Level2-trader, a Chart-trader and you can also trade your own strategies with it.

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    I just saw this thread and installed your platform. Nice piece of work :)
  4. Thanks :)

    I'm happy if you enjoy it. If you have problems send me a mail - I will try to help. Sometimes it's a little bit difficult to use it since I do not have any documentation ready....
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    thanks TS3, I will take a look.
  6. jjf


    you only appear to connect through IB.
  7. Tresor


    Daniel, no problems so far. I have been playing around with the functionalities of the platform for 3 minutes. I like simple order dialog. One can clearly see that the platform was created by a trader.

    I do not have a IB account. So I probably will not be able to create any chart. If you release a new version please please include a sample of historic data in it, e.g. of ES or NQ or any other symbol so that charting could be evaluated (or allow importing data in ascii files).

  8. Yes, it connects through IB only. You can use their demo-account to get some sample-quotes and you could also try to order, get the latest TWS and login using:

    user: edemo
    pwd: demouser

    That will give you demo-access.
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  10. Thanks for the tip, looks really interesting! - but TP should only be a hobby, not a business.... (just want to avoid too much work on TP)

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