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    hi ..
    i would like to put a list together of the futures market that are good for intraday trading with enough momentum for scalping.. i am fairly new to trading and i only know the basic russell, s&p, dow and nasdaq..

    what else would you recommend or trade yourself- including markets other than indexes and also foreign markets

  2. I think the ES...becuase you can throw huge cars at it (trade many contracts with virtually no slippage at all!) and 1 ES point can bring huge gains...just 1 ES point...all very serious...this is my opinion...
  3. Didnt know you were throwing huge cars around? The best market to trade is the one that suit your personality best not one simply because it has huge vol.

    I trade the Spi which has a daily vol of around 12k (today under 10k) but the price moves and the tick size is big (25 AUD) so only to do a couple of lots. Grow up this isnt a pissing contest. I also trade and lik the YM
  4. I totally agree!!!...thanks!!!
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    thanks for your responses
    but i think the discussion is going off topic

    what i mean by "best futures for intraday"
    i meant the futures markets that have enough momentum or movement through a day "intraday" for scalping.. NOT which market is best for trading coz every one has his own trading personality and preference ...

    its not about which markets make me loose less or gain more..its about markets that you can intraday trade them with your own methods

    so can we make a list of futures market (not only indexes and not only US based)

  6. Hmm in my experience there will always be days where you can find a 'greener' situation.

  7. I think the best US markets for intraday trading are the stock index futures, eg ES, ER2 and NQ, the energy complex, eg CL, the currency futures, mainly the EC and the bonds, eg ZN, ZB. Gold seems tradeable as well. There are also very active foreign stock index futures, such as the hang seng.

    All these can be traded intraday. I don't recommend scalping, ie trading for a tick or two, but it's your money.
  8. Every market is intra day tradable. I don't think any one market is better than any other - or else everyone would be there. There's no secret market that's the best.
  9. As far as pure scalping in index futures, ER2 is probably best. $100 per point per contract and trades in .10's. But it can be a bucking bronco and rip you to shreds.
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