best futures for intraday trading

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by con2rol, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. con2rol


    hi ..
    i would like to put a list together of the futures market that are good for intraday trading with enough momentum for scalping.. i am fairly new to trading and i only know the basic russell, s&p, dow and nasdaq..

    what else would you recommend or trade yourself- including markets other than indexes and also foreign markets

  2. GaryN


    You can add ZN to the list. EUR still makes some nicemoves but volume has fallen off quite a bit. A lot of people are trading QM (crude) too.
  3. I would add the 6E/EC and CL contract as well. If momentum is your thing, you may enjoy the CL.

    You may want to include the DAX and/or STOXX as well for comparison purposes.
  4. con2rol



    borwnsfan; yes i am looking for markets for intraday scalping based on momentum spurts

    so far
    1- russell
    2- dow
    3- nasdaq
    4- s&p
    5- light sweet crude oil
    6-cme euro fx

    what other markets are there for that purpose?

    gary; what market does ZN stands for