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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by eagerbeaver, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. And I also figured out the problem with TWS that prompted me to start this thread -- and it wasn't TWS or was my Norton Anti-Virus that was screwing things up. So I'm doing a 180. It was all my fault! I love you IB! I'll never leave you!
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    If there is a day you do not trade and have no previous open positions does your money stay in the securities account until needed for margin?
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    If you are looking for old firms, RJO (R.J. O'Brien) was founded in 1914....91 years ago. Still very much alive.
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    Thanks def
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  6. We must get a few people a week who come on these boards bashing IB, for one thing or another, only to find out that it's their own damn fault! You'd think people would be a little more careful before accusing someone of something in a public forum. At least you attempted to correct the damage that you did.

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    LOL. I'm a former CBOT member, I'm also "old school" and I applaud any of you guys for patronizing those firms. BUT two of most spetacular busts of the past decade have been Stotler Grain and Griffin, two firms that also had been around for most of the last century.

    Come to think of it, wasn't a bank named Barings open for a long while.....
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  8. Maybe the best option is to diversify your brokerage holdings? If you have 1/3 of your money at three separate brokers the odds of all three going belly up are very small (not that I'd want to lose 1/3 of my money, but I'd prefer that to 3/3!!!).

    You can get to RJ O-Brien via Tradestation which has low commissions, similar to IB for futures commissions.

    MBTrading is also similar in price but only offers a few e-mini contracts -- still if that's all you trade it's not a bad deal. Ooops -- I just checked apparently they added a whole bunch, not bad!!!!

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  9. You're absolutely right and I feel bad about it. I had been wrestling with the TWS for weeks, and the Norton conflict only became clear this afternoon -- after I'd finally blown up on the public message boards. Hadn't had this problem with anything other than TWS but, still, that isn't IB's fault (At least, I'm not inclined to think it is.) Also, IB's policy on sweeping funds from futures accounts into securities accounts when they're not tied up in margin puts IB at the top of the heap, in my book. Again, my sincere and abashed apologies!
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  10. I don't use Norton anymore...but when I did, it did not conflict with TWS. I'm inclined to think that whatever the problem was had to do with some other factor.

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