Best Futures broker?

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  1. WHo is it guy's? IB?
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    All depends on your needs. Some are better for high volume guys, some are better for low volume guys. Customer service varies as well if that important. need more info to give you better advice.
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    Sorry for the hijacked post, but I am curious on who guys like best too.
    For my situation it will be a 5000 investment, trading just a few times a day with the dow mini and mini S&P.
    I have looked at so many broker websites it is making my head hurt. Low commissions would be a plus since I have low capital and low volume.
    I am comfortable with the quotetracker software for my equity trades, so if there is a good futures broker that can interact with that, I would be interested. I am really flexable with learning new software and charting programs, so I'm open to anything.
    Thanks :)
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    Look at MB Trading and Interactive Brokers.
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    I use and the commissions are pretty decent for low volume traders. What I really like is they are very upfront about their rates and don't pull the typical BS about call or email us for a commission quote. They clear through RCG. But where they shine is the customer service. It is the best I have experienced from a broker.
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    What software package did you choose to use with them, if you don't mind me asking? Thanks for the link :)
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    Great Thanks! I checked out the the broker and the software. I appreciate the info. I liked what I saw.

    So Jerry,
    What is it you like about MB and IB other than they can be used with your quote tracker software? That is a mark on thier plus side, but are there other reasons???
  9. Kitara_77,

    commissions, speed of execution, and general feedback from our clients regarding their services.

    There are other brokers that QT supports that have futures. I did not metion them because either I do not have sufficient experience or knowledge about the quality of their futures trading capabilities
  10. Without a doubt, VTFutures has some of the lowest commissions and is run by real traders. Independent clearing, so you can use pretty much use any execution platform that you want.
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