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    who is the best and CHEAPEST futures broker ?

    must provide good software for free, no monthly fee and money in and out without fees
  2. None. Point. Your rules are too hard. I know none that provides everything for free- so have fun not trading.

    The cheapest supposedly right now is Deep Discount Trading (.com), Check their site. You can have zero monthly fee without software (must do it yourself or buy it) and not sure about wire out, but seriously - a broker would be a total stupid idiot when he does not charge you for wire out when the banks charge him... there is a difference between the broker making money on you and just forwarding you acceptable costs.
  3. Sorry, but I never paid for any incoming transfer for a futures broker UNLESS I made him pay the banks (receiver pays bank fees). Not in 20 years or so I work around this area.
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    The best broker will be different for each trader. I'd suggest you try a few, test a simulator and ask a lot of questions. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. To answer your specific concerns as far as Velocity Futures goes:

    We offer several free platforms and we have no monthly fee for anyone trading 25 round turns or more. Your bank may charge you a wire fee when you send funds in (not us), and to withdraw funds you have the option of a free check withdrawal (in the US).

    Luis Escoffie
    Velocity Futures LLC
  5. does anyone know of a futures broker that offers TT and allows me to trade SFE(Sydney Futures Exchange) at reasonable rates of commission...

    ive tried Vision FInancial, Globalfutures, Sweetfutures, sent emails off to RCG and no luck...

    I tried Variance futures, they said they offered it, but then out of nowhere theyve bbecome impossible to contact..

    any help is appreciated?
  6. You could try PFG Best, , and ETrade futures. I think the last one has a white-labeled XTrader.

    Also you can call TT and they may know.


  7. Both PFG and Penson are blood in the water, in my view. You would do best to stay away.


    PFG lacks the cash to settle this lawsuit and stands a fair chance at losing more than their Excess Net Capital (See

    If you need better advice on choosing a broker, contact me via PM.

    I like the privately held brokers.

  8. ive noticed AMP futures offer SPI, though the reviews online are ranging from really good to really bad... anyone else share an opinion on them?
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    I trade with Global Futures. They offer just about any platform you need and commission is negotiable, to a point. Their customer service is absolutely top shelf!

    Here's the list of platforms.
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