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    I am thinking about opening a 2nd account to trade index future. I currently have account with Openecry. I like their platform but I think their commission is too high for online broker. I would like to get your comment about your broker, platform and the commission.

    Thank you.
  2. Give Dean at Infinity a call

    They are awesome
  3. nidarian


    VCAP futures are the best people and service, I have tried them all!

    Great rates too.

    I am not a broker and I have no affiliation to them. Just a happy customer.
  4. contact open e cry and ask for the discounted rate. If you mention you plan to move elsewhere, they will likely give it to you. OEC has some good things going for them
  5. Global Futures...they are the BEST...they allow $300 emini daytrade margins!!!
  6. If you NEED $300 out!!! :D
  7. So are you using XTrader with Paul or NinjaTrader? :p
  8. If you are looking to reliability, speed and good support, choose X_Trader as platform and Velocity as broker.
  9. I second that Velocity is the best I've found in 2 years,I use Strategy Runner with TT feed.
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    on the money Guest

    I want to start a small Futures LLC with reduced rates, similar to a prop shop for futures traders trading remotely.
    Money would not be deposited with me, it would be held by the clearing firm, but having negotiated low rates with the firm, I would pass savings on to my traders.
    Something like 3.75 r/t, all in (excluding s/w) with no minimum volume, going to lower rates for high volumes. Even this base rate should be at least 1.50 r/t savings over retail brokers, with no difference in risk, software availability, or speed.
    CONSTRUCTIVE feedback would be appreciated.
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