best front end for futures?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by acerbits, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. I'm using x_trader right now and Just wondering why is it the most prefered platform in futures? how is it better than, lets say.. TransActAT or Infinity's platform? Features? Execution speed?
  2. It has a very intuitive, user-friendly GUI. Other than that, it sucks. It's slow and is full of bugs.

    Don't know what to offer you as an alternative. Front-ends like that are the way of the old. Everyone is moving (if they haven't already) to client-server systems.
  3. Client server systems? could you elaborate.

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    NinjaTrader on TT or Zenfire feed.
  5. Sure. Put a server next to the matching engine at the exchange (e.g. Equinox for CME). All calculations are done on the server, and the server is connected to the matching engine with a fiber optic cable.

    Then create a client (a program that you run on your workstation) that will allow you input parameters, orders, etc.

    It's the difference between a 60 - 100 millisecond time lag and a 10 - 20 millisecond time lag.