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  1. What is the BEST freeware to prevent spyware from getting on your PC? There are alot that remove the stuff but what programs prevent it from getting on there in the first place?
    I run Spyware Terminator and it never catches a thing. I run Avast and it doesn't find a thing on my pc also.
    I then run AVG and it keeps finding tracking stuff. This is on my 2nd pc for e-mail/internet.
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    ad aware by lavasoft

    super antispyware by ...
  3. If your pc is connected to the net, it's at risk! I am not being smart, just know some that only use their trading pc for trading, and they wonder how spyware got in. All pc's connected need some utilities to catch the stuff. IMHO.
  4. It is designed to stop many things from getting in, in the first place.

    Also do Spybot, making sure you do the Immunize function often (and properly)

    And make sure you have ZoneAlarm (free) firewall up and running always.
  5. Just to let you know, Greg, if you post like this, ostensibly directing the OP to a site which you suggest will help him but really directing him to your new site where you are promoting a new product, it will tend to look bad. It doesn't matter that there's spyware info at your site - you've already posted publicly that is your site and that you are promoting a product through it and that you are in business to make money. No problem with that, but you should include a disclaimer if you direct others to the site on the pretext that there is objective spyware info or whatever else available there. Once again, it doesn't matter whether there is or there isn't.

    Just FYI... it tends to lessen your credibility.
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    Spybot S&D is real-time prevention, thanks to one of its components, TeaTimer.

    To confirm that it's active, look for TeaTimer.exe process in your Task Manager. Also check that an icon in your systray reads "Spybot-SD Resident, xxxx processes blacklisted."
  8. G'day,
    Spyware Blaster is a really good preventative program....only needs to be run once initially to help lock PC down....I have used this for years and found it excellent.....and free !

    Have a read :

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