Best free firewall for trading PC?

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by turkeyneck, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Try to like Windows Firewall but it failed the leak test big time. Switched to Online Armor and it passed the leak test in flying colors but it tinkers with the trading apps. Also tried Comodo but didn't like the user interface. Any suggestions? Looking for something with HIPS and anti-keylogger. Thanks!
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  4. I tried a lot of them ... ended back at Comodo for the best combination of features, manageability and quietness.
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    You get what you pay for. For free you don't get much.

    We use fortinet and we are very happy with their products. However it is far from free.

    FW are useless agaisnt key-loggers as even the most basic ones use http tunneling.

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    If you know what you are doing and want more control I would recommend WIPFW...its windows version of IPTables as used in Linux...

    I would say its not for someone who wants a plug and play b/c this isn't it. Its free BTW.