Best Forex Charts?

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  1. Joab


    I'm looking for the best forex charting package available.

    Suggestions with details

    Please and Thank You
  2. Colombo


    esignal does it for me....$160 or so \mo. Been using it three years or so, customer support is so-so but it is rare when I have to contact them.
    hope this helps
  3. One of the best happens to be free. MetaTrader 4 would be hard to beat as a powerful charting, analytics, testing and automation suite, even if it weren't free.
  4. fxj


    I have compared many charts for free on platorms of several dealers and e-signal(not free). MetaTraders charts are superior and along with the experts advisors and indicators supplied as well as back testing and "write your own programs", it can't be beat in my opinion. It takes some time to learn but is worth it.
  5. Joab


    I downloaded it BUT it asked for a password and account number ???
  6. Step-by-step illustrated guide to MT4 setup:

    MT4 video tutorials:

    If you open a demo MT4 account with strategybuilderfx (download and install sbfx4setup.exe), apparently it doesn't expire, unlike most. Or you could obviously open a small real account with anyone.

    Note that nothing stops you from having multiple customized MT4 installations -- any mix of demo and real accounts from one or more dealers -- on a single computer, without interference. Simply install each instance in a different folder and create a unique shortcut to it.
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    If you open a demo account with a dealer that uses metatrader as their platform then you can log in with the demo ID they supply you. Some of them advertise on the metatrader website. Warning: if you trade with a dealer not using the feeds(data) that you see on the metacharts, price and time may be off(by a little or a lot)leading to unfortunate results.

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  8. Top 5 FX Data feeds:

    1) EBS - Live streaming data: EBS live (500 milisecond time slices) - $50 000 per month.
    2) Reuters
    3) Tradermade
    4) CQG - $545 per month for required charting package. $100 per month for FX feed.
    5) eSignal - $165 per month.

    Top free charting packages:

    1) Metatrader
    2) VT Trader
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