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  1. I've got a feeling there's not going to be an easy answer for this, but I'll ask it anyway. My equity trading is starting to go well and so now I'm looking to branch out. I've started dabbling in forex but would like to look into "non-financial" assets as well. Besides forex and bonds, which commodity (or commodities) are known for the following?

    1. Trending
    2. Reasonably low volatility
    3. Having information about fundamentals easily available to the Small Guy like myself

    Is there such an animal?
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    1. Live Cattle & Feeder Cattle (currently up: Daily)
    2. Orange Juice (currently down: Daily)

    Of course as you know, like any traded instrument, it’s going to have periods when it’s trending and when it won’t. Likewise for volatility.

    You can look here: or

    for fundamentals, including USDA reports.

  3. Ebo


    Watch the Crop Report Mortimer!
  4. "WHERE`S BEAKS!!!!!" ROFL:D

    Seriously though..I have been strictly an equity guy for years now and am looking to branch out into commodity futures also. Due to my current condition they are all I can trade. Looking forward to hearing everyone`s responses!
  5. Now you've got me curious: why is orange juice better than other crops for a newbie? Is the issue access to information, historical trending, etc.?
  6. Ebo


    If you can gain access to the crop report you should do well.
    Look at how Billy's success as a newbie!
  7. Is the Crop Report like the MLS though - closed to outsiders? I assume from your comment it's not in the public domain?
  8. Ebo


    If you know Clarence Beaks from Philadelphia he can put you in touch with a copy of the report.
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    Here's something that may be of interest. It's a ranking of futures markets for the past 5 and 10 years based on their trendiness. I chose trends persisting for at least 30 trading days since you're more interested in long term trend trading. Notice there are far fewer markets that have had 30 day+ trends in the past five years.
  10. I googled and all I could find was that Clarence Beaks was a character in Trading Places. I think you boys are joshin' me?
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