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  1. Hi all,

    I'd be grateful if someone could post some links for search engines for cheap airline tickets.

    I don't want to have to bid, or fool around with auctions, but I would totally do the thing where you say "I'll pay $200 RT for LA to Denver and will fly anytime on Sept 25th."

    What I really want is just an unbiased search engine that will scour all airlines for flights around a certain day and give me the cheapest options.

    Also, if someone knows anything about purchasing flight coupons (for when you are making the same round trip frequently) that would be sweet....

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Try Orbitz.COM or
  3. I guess you mean like a zdnet or pricewatch for flights -- sorry I've never seen one - but that would be a great service.

    FWIW, I can tell you that in my experience has been great - their customer service was excellent and they seem to work with most lines. They don't do auctions but if you're willing to spend some time on the site, trying different date combinations, etc. you can find some great deals...
  4. Here is a hot tip,

    A friend on this board (Hi Martha) turned me onto

    It is really good. Basicly it is a board about how to use to your advantage.

    Really good for hotels, I recently stayed in NYC at the Grand Hyatt for $85 a night. Stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Beverly Hills for $65 and at the Westin in Newport Beach for $55 a night.

    How do you beat that!????

    Good Luck and good Cheap travel.

    BTW - I flew Roundtrip from San Diego to NYC (Kennedy) for $350 with about 12 hours notice on United. The fare on United was $1200 for last minute. Priceline is my friend.

  5. I used to buy/sell airline miles and reward tickets so PM me if you need any tips.

  6. Great info. I am adding this site to my favorites list.