Best firms/training on the west-coast?

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  1. which firms are considered to be competitive and successful on the westcoast?

    Anywhere in CA...

  2. mot of the firms in the west and southwest typically have remote traders.

    -Bright in Las Vegas offers training, you go LV for a few weeks and learn their trading ideas (opening, pairs, and redi plus)

    -Echo is based in Phoenix, az, but it is an admin office only, and they do not offer any training and do not have any trading floors on the west coast.

    -CY group is out of L.A. and all of their traders are remote.

    -Chimera securities has an office in LA. you might want to try them if you want a trading floor.

    -Assent had an office in LA as well but with all the Assent changes, I have no idea what is happening.

    You could always trade remote on your own and find a mentor who is also remote, or look for a mentor in California and see if you could work something out etc

    good luck, its a jungle out there.
  3. Check out some of the boutiques that have spun out of the IBD, particularly the proteges of WJO'N. none of tem ar prop shop oriented; they are oriented to high velocity profit making.

    Don't pm me I do not want to be involved with even my implicite recomendation of you by reference.
  4. whats WJO'n? and where do i find the botiques?
  5. You were a finance major.

    There ar many financial publucations. The dailies include the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) an internationally recognozed publication.

    At one time another paper came into being which originated where you are located. It was a production of a person, William J O, Neill, who hadsucceeded in buisness and then capitalized a daily like the WSJ and he named it The Investor's Business Dailt. It focusses on investing and trading. Hw wrote a book recommended to you in other threads. The title recommended was How to Make Money in Stocks (HTMMIS).

    IBD hass a service to IB's in the 80's it cost 44K a year. I decolined to be a beta tester since it tied up so much bandwidth. I was well known to IBD by the time of the '87 crash which I was invoved in predicting (both the happening and the incidence of its recovery (See the 04NOV edition).

    WJO'N spawned many proteges (22 on the record). The work at various places.

    Among those places are some IB's that have narrow audiences and someare invitation only. When a person or ordganization has a product or service that is dear, it can limit its availability to garnr a better business relationship.

    since you are a finance major and are interested in learning about how making money works, it may be a good idea for you to set up an account and let an expert trade it for you under a limited POA. You will gain two things: becoming familiar whith how money is made in markets and getting rich quickly.

    I tradered the max NFA accounts at one of these firms and the firm allowed be to work off their trading desk and set my commissions, informally. The quid pro quo was that the firm coattail traded me using their aggressive trading strategies.

    I have to remind you that traderzones gave you some solicited advice. When you review his comments; you see that one person was mentioned by name. You accepted his pedestrian vague advice.

    Above you see that I have answered your questions in a context of first hand experience and specifically with regard to a local opportunity you have if you can prove worthy. I am asking that you do not use my mane when or if you make inquiries. My associations are with expert traders or those on the way to becoming expert trades.

    4 out of 5 people reject what I do, usually on the basis and standard of what they do. Others who use my approaches are successful and their success is measured way out of the bounds of the 4 out of 5 who reject my approaches. Traderzones ,by his choice of handicaps, has failed to judge what I do and recommend. He gets the consequences of his failure. In turn, so do you.
  6. i never headed any advice from traderzone or denied you. im not into any online soap-opera. im here for one reason, and one reason only: how to become a profitable trader. I appreciate your elaborate response.
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  8. what just happened to this thread? lol

    Also there are some trading firms in San Fransisco as well.
  9. how do i find these trading firms in SF? is there a list I can look at or a site?

    I am a novice and just want to learn and be surrounded with people that have successful methods and systems. Thanks in advance.
  10. Yeah, like you predicted this? :p

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