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  1. I'd like to set up an account to trade the bund. IB looks good but I'm not sure about their platform, same with Transact although the rates are fair. What do you think would be the best firm offering X-Trader. I would prefer to avoid working with an Introducing Broker. Looking for rates, need only minimal service.
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    I also like to find out the best brokers using x-trader. Please recommend.
  3. Velocity Futures does X-trader very well.
  4. I have not heard a bad thing about Advantage Futures from the people I know that have used them.
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    advantage and velocity = best
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    what ever firm you use for tt be sure and check out the new charting software which runs off tt and has it's own very advanced order entry system.

    have a look at

    mark brown
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    Free X_TRADER all in commissions would be 2.60 EC per RT

    X_TRADER subscription all in commissions would start at 1.60 and go as low as 0.50 per RT.

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