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    can anyone recommend a good firm for trading with x_trader. I am looking for great software support, and a solid rep. as this will be a large acct. i have used velocity and global and have nothing bad to say about either, just looking for some other comments. thanks.
  2. Have you gone to TT's website and reviewed the list of brokers using X Trader on their website.

    I don't know if he would tell you, no offense, but Franz Shoar of Traders International uses X Trader and he trades 500 plus contracts per day or so I have been told. Maybe if you ask nice he will tell whom he uses X Trader through? Just a thought.
  3. One second thought, let me ask you a question......How did you like Global, I have Velocity, but I am being lured by $4.75 RT with free X Trader from Global as opposed to $5.75RT that I have now.
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    velocity was good, and global was about the same however there was a guy at global that knew a lot about x_trader, all the add ons, autotrader, ect.. and was able to get them much quicker than velocity. i think the tech support is a bit better at global, however most of the people that work at velocity trade, so are able to help you more with positions, ect...
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    That is highway robbery. ALthough I started out paying like 1.74/side =3.48 round turn i have shopped around and eventually landed at a place where I got it down to 1.30 round turn...yes round turn. Now I pay 1.04 round turn..yes round turn at my current prop shop. Granted this is a prop shop , I trade a decent amount but not huge( like +/- 150 cars a side per day in CME forex) and I get the firms member rates which I think is the biggest advantage. Bottom line is those rates are veeery high and lower ones can be found. Granted if you are not trading size it will not make that much of a difference but in the end try and capture any cost savings you can anywhere.
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    I have traded with GHCO as both prop and customer. Rates are as competitive as you can get as they are based out of chicago. Great tech team, and if you are really serious about trading volume, they will bend over backwards to get you set up correctly.
    PM me for the contact guys or go to website
  7. 4XXXX, I agree that would be highway robbery if I was trading volume, which I am not, I am piking away with 6-10 RT per day, just starting my day trading career, so to speak.

    GHCO I have heard are real good, I believe that's who Housain( I hope I spelled her name right from Active Trader ) trades through. But I don't think they would take a piker like me, when I get more experience and serious then I will look them up.
  8. am interested. i trade spot fx at the mo, but looking at efx futures (& options), either via velocity, global, ghco or redsky. currently doing about 1-2 yards a mth, or 10-20,000 CME contracts equivalent. what sort of RT rates do you reckon i could get at ghco? i suppose i will be able to trade eurex efx contracts as well, right?
  9. where did u see $4.75 RT? I am pretty new to the commission schedules on US Futures makets, totally confused... GFETC seems to apply $0.69 and below comms per contract!? or am i missing a big sthg here? advice appreciated!
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