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  1. I currently trade with IB. Not really that pleased...

    I need access to All global futures as well, so this excludes firms like Tradestation or Thinkorswim and the like.

    I see that I can trade all of these markets on Goldman's Redi Plus platform. Can anybody review this platform for me? I have seen TT and MF Global reviewed here on ET-

    I know that MF global does a great job with futures (you just have to choose the right trading desk..) but you have to have a difrferent account for stock, fx, and futures. This is not what I want because I trade stocks, fx, options, and futures everyday.

    I want everything in one account like IB (if this is possible).

    Who has <i>good</i> suggestions?

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    stupid question: but why are you not pleased with IB ?
  3. I have had some poor execution on various futures orders.

    Also, their accounting for fx (not currency futures) positions is total shit. I can't put it any other way. There are a couple of accounting columns for fx positions in the account tab in TWS and their employees told me that only one of the columns is accurate.

    They keep saying their programmers are "working on it" and that they don't think it will be resolved any time soon.
  4. bump...I wish there existed such a firm too and with low comms for vol users.

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  6. I have looked quite a bit and can't find what you are looking for. OptionsXpress has (had) something close but their java based system is (was) garbage; always failing. Also their P/L provides false data if you have more then 1 trade on a position. I spent more time fighting their system then trading, so I left.

    If you find a broker with "everything on it" please let us know.