Best financial publications for a newbie trader

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  1. I would like to jump into the financial markets as a trader but admit that i know very little about the financial markets. Anyone know which publications I can read on a daily or weekly basis for the next year or so to get me up to speed on how markets move and what tends to move them? I have heard that "The Economist" is a good magazine to start out with. Any other ideas?

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    Barrons would be my pick for a perceptive, market-savvy publication. (Of course, I'm not saying they are right all the time.)
  3. If you want to be a trader don't read the financial press.

    I'm only half-joking.

    If I were you I would pick an index and couple of stocks that interest you and follow them closely. Learn from watching.

    Then, in your spare time, scan through Barron's on the weekend, but try not to form an opinion. Then compare what you've read to what you see in your index/stocks the following weeks.

    Good luck. It's a fascinating journey.
  4. Investors Daily, Futures, Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities, Active Trader.

    Barrons is background only. Most of the advice you read there, you should do the opposite.
  5. thanks guys i appreciate it
  6. My exact list. I would also add the Wall Street Journal. It's important to know what people consider "significant news" for the day.

    Also, the new SFO magazine.
  7. That seems to be a lot of reading. Do you guys generally cherry pick the articles you read from these publications or do you read all the articles? thanks
  8. This is one of the best magazines going right now.

    Both the major financial newspapers are good but, the WSJ crushes IBD as far as what you will actually learn from reading it about the markets and wallstreet in general.

    IBD has some very cool stuff (business profiles, better graphs, better stock tables, etc), and it has its ardent fans much like apple does compared to the intc/msft duoply but the WSJ is what most actual traders and fundmanagers still read and it runs circles around IBD as far as content and analysis goes.

    If you have to just go with one paper, I'd go the WSJ.
  9. LOL, was typing the same thing, only it took me longer.

  10. "The Economist" for trading ? hahahahaha ! Sorry I don't mock you but the mag because but it would be the last one to read for that purpose except if you work for a bank and want to appear a serious banker for clients :)

    Magazines for traders are well known like Stocks and Commodities and Active Trader Magazine which you can download full mags samples here to get a taste:

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