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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by ycomp, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. ycomp


    I was told that for volume analysis Rithmic is better than CQG since CQG only has 10 levels - what about TT and CTS? how do they compare with Rithmic and CQG?

    also I was reading on sierra's manuals that Rithmic is better for sierra charts for stability as well
  2. MattZ

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    If you are talking for Sierra: from all these feeds you mentioned I believe that Rithmic provides full depth on the DOM. CQG is also very good and shows good data and execution
    TT over Sierra is just for execution, and those who use it have to rely on Sierra's nonexecution data.
    CTS is also excellent fr execution but limited in its history, and again most CTS users over Sierra rely on Sierra's own data.

    I have started many users ago with Sierra and Rithmic, and feel comfortable with this combo,
    You can try a trial here:
  3. Cannon_Trading

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    Rithmic will provide you with the full book and sierra also has their own data feed which will do the same.
    CQG is excellent in my opinion but if you are looking for heatmaps and order flow analysis, you will need the full book.