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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Siwash, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. Siwash


    I am trying to sort out who offers the best price/service on data feeds for the the following:

    US Bond/Note futures




    I would also like to track the US dollar and the Euro.

    Just need regular charts I would also like Market Profile

    Can this be had all in one for a reasonable price??

  2. No one can answere you, because many brokers offer
    comes cheaper with more volume. So you have to
    mention what's you approx contracts per month.

    If you do less than 500 Contract in a monthe then IB
    is to go for. Check this link might help further:
  3. Oh, sorry. First I tought you were looking for
    a broker that a a pricing on their feed depand
    on which internationaly future you trading.

    -Check Esignal which is cheapest but not the best 150$.
    Check Futuresource (platinumfx) which better feed
    than esignal but 100$ more for the package(250$
    per month) only.
    Check CQG which is the best for 550$ per month.

    I use Esignal myself for CME emini, Eurox, HK heng seng,
  4. Ditch


    Cheapest solution would be Ensign using IQfeed.
  5. eSignal is regarded very reliable by many. If you don't even need advanced charting, you can pay even less of a monthly fee. Check out their pricing at their website.

  6. Siwash


    Thanks I'll look into it