Best feed for Futures Options trading..

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  1. I used CQG a long time ago and I guess they don't feel the need to reduce their prices...$1200 a month!!!!
    DTN is less and so is E-sig...Can anyone else recommend a good data feed, specifically for options on futures: volatility data and option charting should be available..

  2. Well, I was going to recommend CQG before I read the body of your post.
  3. Why is your CQG 1200 per month? What exchanges and add-ons must you have? That seems a bit high.
  4. hopback


    I agree, $1200 seems high.
    I pay $625 for CBOT, Merc, news, and market profile.

    I had considered switching to E-Signal, for $270, but after playing aournd with their demo I decided to stick with CQG.
  5. What's Market Profile??
    I need NYMEX, NYBOT and COMEX too, so that adds about $200..
    But the first deposit is like $1200 and I'm thinking it's too much...
    Looking at aspen and others...
    Keep em comin..
  6. hopback


    Market profile is a price distribution chart.
    All prints within a set time frame (usually 30 minutes) are represented by a letter (one letter per time frame) and distributed along the Y axis (price), creating a distribution curve.
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    whats the benefit to using CQG compared to DTN or my track???

    what do they do superior to other direct exchange venders?? :confused:
  8. CQG has the absolute best data feed available. It rivals data provided by Bloomberg in many fields. This is really where the money goes. It is solid across most markets whereas the others are strong with US data but might be weak with European futures or cash data.
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    thanks for the clarification FT71