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Discussion in 'Options' started by Ian999, Jun 3, 2010.

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    I have been looking all over the web/youtube for a good explanation of options. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.
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    You can't find an explanation of what a put and a call are? Or is there something else you can't figure out?
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    there is a free video from INO TV that has Ron Ineri of Options U @ a seminar explaining options Greeks. My wife watched it and I have never seen her take notes like that before. She told me that he explained options better than any book, Option Institute, or seminar she has ever seen.
  5. This might help. It's free.
  6. Have you even tried to google put or calls or options? Tons of free websites pop up for basic definitions, including info on good books.
  7. drcha


    Have any of the posters here considered that the OP's question may contain more than meets the eye? Perhaps the question is not well-worded or specific enough, but it implies something that is very true: there is lots more to know and understand about options than just what puts and calls are. And I have to agree that it is almost impossible to find the necessary information on the web. Most web sites are pretty cursory. Just knowing what a strangle or a backspread is does not tell you everything you need to know to trade them.

    If you think that knowing what puts and calls are is sufficient, then you may get into trouble trading options.
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    I have tried googling and youtube videos and I have yet to find a really good place to learn the basics/more complicated stuff.
  9. ...oic web site as suggested has just about everything.....
    ....also, cottle, risk doctor, is about your best author and sheridan, options safari, (cboe) about your best teacher.... a demo account at one of the online brokers...tos, ox, optionmonster, and others...they have free webinars...

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    if you are into ron ianieri's style of teaching, may i suggest his book:
    rarely do i purchase books new but knowing ron's stuff, i got this & was not disappointed. it is not for the beginner.
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