Best Experience of my life as an e-mini trader!!!

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  1. I had a great experience working with my broker Kris from Global Futures. He had me up and trading in no time and not to mention some of the guys he works with Pete and Marcus. Marcus walked me through the application process, and Peter walked me through the Turbo Trader 2 platfrom. You guys are fantastic. Im looking forward in trading the minis. Kris, Peter and Marcus are the definition of due-dilligence and customer service. I would recommend them to any REAL trader. :cool:
  2. careful my friend.. you can blow that whole account in a few hours
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    Come on in.......
  4. Said the Spider to the Fly... :D
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    sounds like ham........I mean cram.........uhhhhhh I mean SPAM!!!!!!!
    1ST post huh?
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    Noobs are always a good edge, EdgeHunter. :cool:
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    I thought they're a sponsor here...could just be an excited new guy :)
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    i'm a complete rookie. i'm trying to find a site with '233 tick charts' and 10-minute candlesticks (going back two weeks) for dow e-mini's. I appreciate any and all advice.
    thank you! Gianni
  9. soon, you wil be a millionaire! :D
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    It sure does...Glowing review for broker on first post, complete with references....then the thread gets revived by a 2 time poster looking for do the math
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