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  1. prop_99


    What platform has the best bid ask for mini contracts in energy?

    I am using IB and you can drive truck through bid ask- and if market moves fast liquidity dries up.

    Anyone have a platform or company like ABN or somthing that can testify that the bid ask is direct to Globex ? How about AMP ?


    software doesnt really matter- its access to market that interest me...... thnx
  2. Surdo


    The spread on QM and QN is the same on every platform,
    Just watch the big contracts and trade the mini. It "fills" in as it trades between levels. You could just take off the lace panties and trade CL!

    *Just kidding, I know CL is a monster!
  3. prop_99


    Do you use IB?

    Looking at apread trader- there are no markets !

    CL large or small doesnt matter- just a matter of lining up money relative to size of contracts and Volatiltiy.
  4. Surdo


    TradeStation, NinjaTrader ZenFire, and IB TWS are all showing the same market in QMM08 115.90-115.925!

    Where should I short these again?
  5. prop_99


    Risk reward- never short- wait for long entry.

    explosive Euro

    attacks on supply

    abundance of money looking to go long still
  6. Surdo


    Thanks bro, I was thinking of 118 PLUS to sell.
    These were a baaaaagain @ 112 on FRIDAY!
    Good trading... Lemme know if you resolve your data prob.

    Take a look @ NinjaTrader, it is pretty darn fast.
  7. prop_99


    thnx will do
  8. bluedemon77

    bluedemon77 Guest

    Surdo, what do you mean by CL is a monster? Isn't CL just twice as large as QM? I don't know much about crude at this point but I'm interested in trading it when the indexes are just meandering.
  9. Surdo


    Put on a CL trade and watch it move!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. XBOT


    There is a lot less liquidity in the QM that is why you think it is drying up. Most people are in the full size now.
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