Best Exceution/Routing Choice for Breadth of energy products?

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  1. Since Interactive Brokers does not offer some energy products that I want (such as implied contracts and Brent options), I am looking at others.

    Which of the following execution and routing choices would offer the widest range of energy products worldwide, including spreads and options:

    -Trading Technologies

    (I am not asking about the user software platform as such, which can be a separate issue because you can mix and match to some extent at brokers like deepdiscounttrading, a Crossland IB. I will place orders manually for now that are position trades so I do care about the UI or about charts or static DOM and will just choose a low-end software platform to start with.)

    If the breadth of the range of products depends also on the broker, as well as on the execution and routing choice, I am also open to using any broker.

    Thanks for any comments.
  2. CQG is less reliable from that list

  3. Thanks - they do seem to have a good number of spreads.

    However from that list they appear not to have ICE Brent Options.
  4. Oh I should have included CTS as well as TT, Rithmic, and CQG among the choices.
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    Surely you jest?
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    A few more for your list:

    Thomson Reuters
  7. Surely i jest:D

    How do you ever know wich one is the best??No one knows for sure.

    don`t make no difference to me
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    Everything is not equal; infrastructure plays a big part. And there is qualitative differences with regard to that...
  9. Do you have one?Or you maybe some of your freinds who can speak from experience what makes that difference and where?Or you just read too much?
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