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  1. Anyone have an opinion on which software provides the best and most user friendly Excel usage? I currently have Real Tick and is not the easiest when you're trying to input more than the default fields. Also to run a decent sheet you need a 2nd PC and the cheapest real tick price is what..$150+ just for the feed? Maybe a better alternative out there to receive real time data. Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.

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    myTrack has workable real time functions for excel, and the price if reasonable.

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    yes - total cost with feed and options is about $40
  5. eSignal works well. I use it.
    Look for DDE connectivity. Virtually all the quotefeeds offer it.
  6. Thank you for your replies. I need real time data, NOT end of day. The thing is I likely will not be trading from the Excel feed that's why I was asking which would be a good choice. Right now Real Tick is charging me $250/month with an additional login (full real tick capabilities except order entry), because I don't have to put any capital in the account...buying power=$0. Again I appreciate the replies.

  7. QCharts has real time data feed that I use with excel. I have been using the chart package but am changing to tradestation. The data feed was free with the charts. I don;'t know without.

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    I use Yahoo for EOD and Interactive Brokers for realtime. Quote Tracker can feed Excel but the interface is clumsy.

    All free.
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    I hope you don't need to use Tradestation's data feed in excel. According to them, their data doesn't feed into excel.

  10. Thanks Mr Dinky. I am hoping to replace the simple stuff I do in Excel with Tradestation. Are you using TS6?
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