Best ever non fiction books

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  1. Please recommend some outstanding books to read. -not necessarily trading - any subject -non fiction category. Thanks. I hope we can collect a good list for reference.
  2. Gibbons...Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. It will cure your anxiety.

    48 Laws of Power
    33 Strategies of War
    The Art of Seduction....all by the same Author.

    Machiavelli...The Prince...and the Discourses.

    Baltasar Gracian...The Art of Worldly Wisdom.

    There now, that should keep you busy for a bit.

    When you are done there, we can move on to Jung, Nietzsche, and Schopenhauer.

    Keep us posted. :)
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    If you prefer something newer than 200 years: "Goedel, Escher, Bach" by Douglas Hofstadter. And something very new: "Thinking, fast and slow" by Daniel Kahneman.