Best Esignal data choice for U.S. mini futures only?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by tmb, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. tmb


    I am only looking to trade the CME and CBOT mini futures. I also need to see realtime indices and market internals including the SPX, NDX, BKX, SOX, TNX, XAU, VIX, TRIN, and TICK. The final requirement is to have the Advanced Charting capability.

    When I check the Esignal product selection matrix at

    it seems that the 2 basic choices for me are the Equities or Futures products.

    The Equities product is the cheaper of the two, and includes the minis, but I don't need the Equities! By subscribing to Equities, I am buying data I don't need.

    The more expensive Futures product includes the indices, and is the core product you have to subscribe to to get the European and Asian exchanges, but if you don't pay the additional exchange fees for the other exchanges it appears you don't have any of them anyway.

    Does anybody have any recommendation of what configuration I should ask for when I call the Esignal sales department?

    Are there any "gotchas" to watch out for?

    Finally, I remember seeing a post where the person said that the salesperson configured them a cheaper package with only the data they needed. Has anyone else had this done for them?


    P.S. If there are threads that have answered these questions already I apologize for reposting them, but I wasn't able to find them.
  2. Ditch


    You need the equities for breath indicators like tick, ticki, trin, etc..
  3. jay567


    you're going to need the equities package
  4. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    Based on what you've got here, eSignal Equities will be the lowest priced package for you. If you don't need stocks, you can elect NOT to add them to your service and you can save a few extra $ each month. With this package, you'll get access to the CME and CBOT "mini" contracts, all our indices and Advanced Charting.

    As we've introduced new packages and modified existing ones, the names of these respective pkgs has become a bit confusing. We are looking to simplify our offerings down the road at some point to make choosing a pricing plan as easy as possible.

    I hope I've helped. I'm sure our Sales staff can help you further if you have any other questions when you call.

    Thanks for considering eSignal.
  5. tmb


    Thank you all! Equities it will be.