Best ES & NQ Scalp timeframe

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by tenthousandmen, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. I was wondering for anyone who scalps the ES or NQ - what your time frame is. 20 second and 1 minute seem to be popular, but any other times?
  2. depends on market conditions. I scalp the ES and typically hold for under 30 seconds, but in current market conditions, it might take a minute or two just for the fill on a 1-tick winner.

    I usually play for 1-2 ticks, thus the answer is "depends how long it takes the market to move 1-2 ticks"
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    For me it depends on time of day, first 30 minutes in ES I use both 3/1 minute charts and after just the 3 minute chart targeting 1-8 tics.
  4. no f'in kidding. back in my day we traded corn based on seasonality. Jake Bernstein was the first to write about it. Now everything is so connected. What use to be winter spring summer and fall is now after hours pre opening rth and close. You got that right. There are now four markets everyday, and when they start talking about it on ET it is already obsolete.
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    ES ... 20 seconds :confused: maybe CL in 20 seconds
  6. yeah, but there's a huge difference between professional and retail. If all of us retail traded on your professional time frame I hate to think what your edge would be.
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    I love when traders say "obsolete", then no one else is doing it.

    Like when I use weekly bars to make trades in stocks, most say that is too slow and obsolete.

    I believe Ralph Ainsworth(1933), John Hill(1977) and a few others wrote about Seasonality way before Bernstein as he most of the time copied ideas from others.
  8. well shit then you know a hell of a lot more about it than me so carry on