Best equity broker?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by tinytrader, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. Looking for best equity broker for day trading. Excellent charts, fast execution, little to no slippage. Also, not outrageous commissions. I do not want to pay $50 to buy 5,000 shares.

    I used Fidelity, fast execution and one commission rate were good. Charts sucked IMO.

    Many complain about TS, yet I really like their Market Depth window. Does anyone else have such a thing?

    Please share your experiences. Yes, I have visited the broker review section of this web site. It is helpful, I am looking for a little extra.

    Thank you for your time.
  2. ProTrade Greg

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    Please consider We are software neutral which allows us to provide the best available trading products on the market today. Currently we offer Wolverine ( and Omni Pro. Both offer superior execution ability. Omni Pro offers great charts.

    And you won't pay $50 for 5000 shares either.

    We can also provide market intelligence and color direct from our NYSE floor brokers to you.

    Give us call or check out our website. 212-500-2000 (ask for George or Greg).
  3. tomu


    ProTrade Greg,

    You commissions are worse that Cobra Trading!

    $8.95 per trade


    .005 per share with a $3.75 minimum ticket charge!
  4. couscous


    If what you're looking are tight spreads and fast execution along with excellent charting, the best option would be Tradeview. I had some trouble with Java when I started trading and I tried everything until I found these guys and now execution is excellent.
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    Our commissions have changed, new website coming soon. We also cater primarily to professional traders that require additional market intelligence and color throughout the trading day. We won't exactly compete with the cheapest broker that doesn't offer exceptional service. Our NYSE connections and multiple available trading solutions make us a smart choice for many, but not all.
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    If you are the vendor, you should make a disclosure when you promote your own products.
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    I am not the vendor I am just expressing what I find better for me as a trader that has had lots of troubles with different platforms and after experiencing several problems with connection due to my Java version. Though if it's not allowed I won't be doing it anymore. I thought this kind of forums are to share experiences and just for people to develop criteria about what others find ok from their own brokers.