Best emini index future to trade in scalp mode?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Carl Granz, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. ES, YM, NQ? for what reasons?

    And in your opinion ES leads YM or viceversa?

    I 've found the ES very difficult to scalp due to the execution of limit orders. On the other hand, the slippage is a rare event

    NQ is probably the most profitable, but a bit difficult to trade due to the performance of 3/4 shares (AAPL etc.)

    YM is more easy to trade and price levels are more respected than ES

    TF is horrible

    Any comments would be appreciated

  2. It would help us to help you if you told us what trade duration you consider to be a scalp.
  3. So Crates has a good point, peoples definition of "scalping" seems to vary.
  4. Yes. I was with him and/or her until he and/or she used "limit order" and "scalp" in the same sentence.
  5. 15/20 trades with 4 lots each day

    Duration? It depends. From few seconds to few minutes

  6. So, no one scalps that much with limit orders.

    We don't know how you trade to be able to compare.

    If u are winning, then stick with that market.
  7. That's what I consider a scalp, also. But I wouldn't consider using limit orders. To me a scalp is opportunistic, a momo play. You want in and out when you want in and out.

    IMO NQ is the best of the three because of the combination of volatility, tick size, payout, and margin.

    ES leads YM. And YM leads ES. And neither leads either. It is untradeably random IMO, despite the ponderously pompous bullshit Jack spews on the matter.
  8. I would avoid ES like the plauge, limit orders are almost never hit, and when they are hit the slipppage can kill you
  9. How do you get slippage on a limit order?
  10. Impossible but I think he means price has to go over his limit by 1 tick.
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