Best emini chat rooms (free or paid)

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by paulr, Jun 7, 2003.

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    What are the best emini chat rooms that you guys like to hang out in?

    Free rooms and/or paid rooms.
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    We trade Emini's in our Live Trading Room. You can get a free trial @ and see what you think of it. I think its pretty good, but I am biased.

  4. There are so many Emini Futures chat rooms online...its crazy.

    Many are basically the same while some meet specific needs.

    paulr...what exactly or specifically are you looking for in an Emini Futures room?

    For example...if you looking for an Emini Futures room for traders into Fib ratios...

    go to #FibMarkets on the Othernet server on IRC.

    It's public and free.

    Another example...there's an unregistered Emini Futures room for Chinese speaking traders...

    It's public and free.

    Another example...there's an Emini Futures room for women traders only...

    It's private, registration required and free.

    I think you understand what I'm talking about via saying exactly what you need. can spend a few minutes using EliteTraders search menu in the upper right corner and search your topic...

    because this topic has been discussed in-depth...over and over and over again.

    Most of the better rooms are private and specific about something to do with the Emini Futures...regardless if they are free or fee-based.

    If you have to ask what are the private rooms...then your not taking the time to do any research via either EliteTraders search menu or via something like Google search engine.

    If you go to the Othernet or FinancialChat servers on IRC...

    type in the following command after logging on...


    That command above will list All the rooms on those two main servers.

    There's also a lot of rooms on Hotcomm.

    You'll have to go to their website to get a listing of all the trading rooms.

    I use to have a direct link to a website that maintained a current listing of realtime trading rooms on Hotcomm and an email address to a sales rep at Hotcomm that had such info...both info I've misplaced.

    If I find it again...I'll send you a private message (make sure your box is empty) with that info.

    Once such thing as best...only which rooms meets your specific needs.

    There was once an Emini Futures room for price action only traders...I'm not sure if the room is still had about 9 regular members several years ago...

    I remember the room moderator didn't like all the pikers showing up and he kepted saying he was going to make the room private and take it elsewhere (away from the Othernet) once he got about 20 regular users.

  5. NihabaAshi

    How about one for reversal traders ?

    You always seem to have good, quick resources.
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    NEW to trading the E-Mini's go to the room - please NOTE
    The Room Slogan, No Boasting, Just Posting
    for information goto:-

    With over 300/400 people in this room we must all have some respect for Woodie and other moderators.
    Before jumping in with both feet listen and learn for at least a week about how we do things in here.
    Tip 1. Will all new people to Woodie's CCI Club please keep the questions down to a minimun.
    Tip 2. Go and research the indicators we use CCI/LSMA/EMA/Square of Nine.
    Tip 3. Go and research the patterns we use SHAMU, GHOST, TLB, SLINGSHOT, ZERO LINE, BATMAN etc.
    Tip 4. The moderator's are all traders realtime and are willing to answer questions after hours.
    Tip 5. Please leave all microphones off during trading hours, except for the daily moderator.
    Tip 6. Please post questions in text, the daily moderator will answer if / when they are not in a trade.
    Tip 7. We all encourage you to post your trades in and out and if possible why. NO ego's, NO total $ or points for the day.
    Tip 8. Enjoy this room and your CCI trading - it is free to be here - you will love it and it will feel like home - have fun and contribute......8).

    for that information goto:-

    We live by Woodie's Mottos:
    - Traders helping traders
    - Positive attitude and positive posts
    - There will be better trades down the road!

    If you have had a good week trading you may need this website
    Woodies CCI Club supports The Make-A-Wish Foundation®

    MANY thanks to everyone that have made this room a very positive and rewarding experience
    "By Traders, For Traders – Sharing Information Freely To Help Each Other Succeed"
  7. Try #IndexFutures realtime room on the FinancialChat room...

    lots of Trend Reversal Traders in that room although the room is not specific for such nor is it associated with any website nor educational material.

    I hang out there in the room.

    I'm in there as NihabaAshi.

    If you go their...send me a private message or post your own trades in the room for awhile...

    if things look good...I'll send you info on some of the private (free) trading rooms that scrutinize heavily whom they allow into their rooms...

    a few are "invitational only".

  8. JT47319


    I frequent that room. Occassionally I post my ES trades, though not as often as the other regulars.
  9. cafeole


    woodiescciclub is by far the best, imo. I have been in other rooms that do eminis as well as stocks, and woodie blows them away. His club concentrates on eminis, especially ES.

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    First time I've heard of Woodie's CCI Club, but it'd be great if more sites (or more properly, posters) followed Woodie's mottos.

    thx, amg
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