Best Economy Threads in Elitetrader

Discussion in 'Economics' started by bearice, May 16, 2011.

  2. Your back. What happened how did you get reinstated.
  3. Here is my email to Joe and Baron:

    Did Bearice got banned for posting "kill prostitutes".

    I am highly surprised some moderators are supporting prostitutes (most useless people). If somebody in front of me supports prostitutes, that person will be in serious trouble. Because of people who support prostitutes, today prostitutes are bold and they do not fear anybody and they multiply.

    George Bush had said "if you harbour terrorist, you are terrorist".

    Bearice is saying "if anybody harbours/supports prostitutes, they are prostitutes".

    Bearice is helping world respected people who have families to protect but Bearice is getting banned. What is this?

    Please reset/activate my account immediately.
  4. And they reinstated it after this?
  5. Everybody is welcome to post their best economy threads (as per their opinion) here. I do not know whether moderators and admin will allow threads from other websites to be posted here. Anyway, elitetrader has the best economy threads/discussions in human history.
  6. Anyway whatever happened welcome back.
  7. Morganist, sincere thanks for your supporting posts.