Best Economic/Stock Dashboard Indicators

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Matt1234au, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Hi

    I was checking something in one of Taleb's books and came across the bit where he talks about setting up his Bloomberg screen with various prices & indicators so he knows if something happening in the market is significant or just noise.

    Got me thinking - what are the key indicators.
    Obviously indexes, currency, oil price, gold price, some key commodities etc,
    but other than periodic economic staff (CPI, credit, GDP etc) do others have suggestions for what would make up a good dashboard ?

  2. ammo


    tick, uvol/dvol advn decn djt against spx,, currently eur/usd and dx cl goog msft jpm
  3. Credit indices, ccy TWIs, benchmark bond yields, mkt inflation rates, sov CDS levels, short-rates and spreads, commodities, current eco releases.