Best e-mini rates for 'somewhat active' trader (500 to 750 RT's per month)

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Haas, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. Haas


    I recently saw that Refco has a deal ($4.00 RT) for traders doing more then 50 lots per month. I am averaging about 500 to 750 the last few months. I called a couple of large futures clearing firms to see if they would beat my current rate ($4.80) along with a free platform. Both said that $4.80 is a good rate for a trader of my size. :mad:

    I know about FfastTrade and Velocity, but they both charge about $550 for their platforms, which negates about 2/3's of the commision savings I would see. Still, this seems to be my best bet right now, but I would love to know what else is available.

    Are their any firms offering better deals then Refco at the 500 rt a month level? Thanks, Haas
  2. tradepro


    I do about the same number of contracts per month. Checked many different brokers, but to me FFastTRade seems to be the best in relation to price. As your contract size increases your trading cost will continue to become cheaper.

    FFast has a trade calculator, check it out!

    Refco's 4,00 rate is excellent nonetheless.
  3. $3.80 rt period....
  4. nitro


    For this volume, you could probably get $3.15 RT.

    $4.80 a RT is retail.

  5. tradepro



    If you would be so kind, and let us know where you can get 3.15 rt, I could not find a rate like that.

  6. taodr


    Yeah Nitro where can you get better. How about 1500 YM a month ??
  7. Xenia


    IB (unbundled fees)
    Transaction fee per side (for USD products):

    $1.40 (contracts 1 to 300)
    $1.10 (contracts 301 to 1000)
    $0.85 (contracts 1001 to 10000)

    No platform fee.

    1 RT = 2 contracts (as far as I can see)


    FFastrade (as an example)
    Transaction fee per side (for USD and EUR products):


    $550 platform fee


    Conclusion: IB´s new fees not such a bad choice with 750 RT (1500 contracts) per month.
  8. So if I trade ES, NQ, ZB, it is $2.20 RT all in no additional?? If my combined RT's are 500/mo.? at IB

    Michael B.

  9. Xenia


    No. You have to add the exchange fees. And you have
    to pay a higher price for the first 300 contracts (150 RTs).

  10. Ok, Now, let me see if I get this.....Sorry for being the Savant that I am...

    Lets say I trade these 3 instruments (ES,NQ,ZB) and I trade 50rt's of each....sooooo...

    That is $2.80 + $2.32(got these exchange fees from the Ffasttrade site) = $5.12rt for the ES and NQ.....For the ZB(bonds)it would be $2.80 + $2.70 = $5.50rt


    This changes to ......if I go over the 150rt's beginning with the 151st rt at $2.20 + 2.32 = $4.52rt ES and NQ and $2.20 + $2.70 = $4.90 for the ZB.

    Michael B.

    P.S. IB has brilliantly lowered their price to high volume retail traders and given low volume traders a chance to NOT UNBUNDLE and feel like they get a good deal.....

    Also the ability to combine instruments to get the volume deal makes them a one stop global shop.

    But FFasttrade, Velocity and Advanced Futures still are the best deals even with the platform fees.

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