Best DVD/CBT course for learning Commodity trading

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    Please suggest best (and cheapest) DVD/CBT to learn commodity trading for EOD trader.
  2. How to Make Money in Stocks, W J O'Neil.

    When you get to expert in stocks, then add commodities trading to your learning process.

    If you begin to transfer your stock trading template to commodities, you might want to catch the daily freebies (videos, etc) from John Carter (TX) and Hubert Senters (GA). They will automatically email them to you daily. The first two methods of theirs that are good for anyone (and your EOD interest, in particular) are topics 5.7 and 5.8; 5.8 doesn't occur every day but that is important kind of thing to work through to better understand the markets. Start at their web location:

    I did observe them trading the above in person in real time and they did have a chatroom hook up where others were saying things (audio and written as they viewed the video link)

    They do the YM mostly using a conventional orthodox viewpoint of the markets.

    I can't comment on any one's courses because I simply haven't taken any.

    These guys do run courses for professionals and professionals do consider them to be great. I am not a professional so, again, I can't comment.

    As a simply a side comment as an amateur (we can stay a little looser than the pros can), from the displays they use (they are great), it is easy to front run them just because they have more conservative signals as professionals and they do not target difficult ROI's per day (They go for solid ROI's that come up regularly).

    If you are retail, you will find their emails to you to be very helpful.