Best Display for Trading?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by top_step, Dec 15, 2002.

  1. Swish


    I bought a Samsung Syncmaster 191T a few weeks ago and it's the best monitor I've ever owned (I currently own 4) - by a long shot. Can't recommend highly enough.
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  2. lescor


    I've got two Planar 19" lcd's and they are fantastic. Top of the line specs in contrast ratio and brightness, which I think are the two most important to consider. Brighter and much easier on the eyes than the Dell trinitron crt's I also use.

    I have the CT1904. I would have prefered a monitor from the PL line because of the thinner bezels, but there are a lot of new CT's on ebay right now at very good prices.
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  3. jaredand


    Can anyone post any reviews on 20 inch monitors with at least 1600x1200 res? I much prefer 2 of these over 3-19 inch monitors. Saves neck strain.
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  4. chs245


    I have 5 17inch TFTs. My ranking would be as follow
    1)Samsung Syncmaster 171P
    Samsung Syncmaster 171P
    3)HP L1720
    4)Natcomp 17inch
    5)Ilyama 17inch (NOT recommended - very bad image quality)

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  5. miniTrdr


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  6. Best Deals are always in EBay...
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  7. nitro


    Samsung Syncmaster 191T.

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  8. Hubert


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  9. Sanity


    i use 2 dell 1900FP and one dell 1500FP, and have been happy with them. check out the dell web site, if you wait, they usually take a couple of hundred off the larger FPs, every month for a few days as a special. just make sure you have enough RAM for the video apps. i'd say at least 512K for 2 to 3 monitors.
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  10. I have (6) of the DELL 1900FP's. I paid $724 each on sale.

    These monitors are actually the Samsung 191T, the "ONLY" difference is that the DELL does not rotate into "PORTRAIT" mode. Samsung registration, literature, etc...

    DELL offers a 30 day, No questions asked warranty, very important when dealing with LCD pixel problems.

    I would not buy from anyone unless they had a no questions asked return policy on bad PIXELS.

    I previously had Sony Trinitron CRT, very nice but HARD on my eyes, these are WAY better on the eyes.

    Good Luck.
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