Best daytrading advise on ET for eminis

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bigarrow, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. For me guy who gave the best advise on daytrading for the emini is stealth trader. He doesn't post much any more but his advise is simple, easy to use and to the point so I don't guess there is not much more he can add.

    And my favorite quote is from HolyGrail, I wish I'd read and followed it a long time ago. But I'm sure I would of looked for the secret anyway.
    Quote from HolyGrail:

    There is no magic to trading. There are no gurus. The day you learn that there is no magic, and the day you learn to read price action is the first day on your way to becoming a profitable trader.
    Steve Tvardek posts are also good to read. Seems like a straight shooter with sound advise.

    One thing I've done recently is cut down on what I read that doesn't pertain to what I want to do, it's too easy to get sidetracked. It's hard enough to perfect one method let alone several.
  2. May be hope for you yet...
  3. LOL thanks gnome.
  4. Don't daytrade, much less with futures; best advice you can get.
  5. and what advise did stealth trader give?