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    I have been using Tradestation happily for a few years now for trading but find myself evolving towards or diversifying into investing, especially in biomed/biotech stocks. I like Tradesation and want to keep it i think but what I would love is a database system that can help me make sense of the research I do on stocks. Sort of like a CRM - or a STM Stock Relationship Manager. There has to be such a beast. One the one end it might have a market based screener for screening end of day and good fundamentals.

    But here is where it gets more difficult. The resluts I can organize and manipulate and for instance add text/html files that I read on the internet/message boards. So for CPHD, my favorite stock, I can start to build up a library of articles under the cphd header. These would be searchable both within that stock, or for instance, if I wanted to find all companies involved in RNAi that would be my search. Maybe a separate rss feed could fill a second memo field so I have rss field and my custom field for each stock.

    Of course this should be portable and exportable and easy to use with tradestation.

    I have done lots of sales and recruiting and these are the nuts and bolts of those industries so it must exist here as well. Hopefully it exists in a affordable package for us retail users. When in the past I had my crm software working well it made all the difference for making quotas, but when this is kludgy and difficult to search, tickle, organize people just give up and go back to old ways. Its 2008 dammit, soon google will be president!

    It would be nice if some data existed on my computer but not necessary. Maybe I keep articles so I can search them fast.

    My friend suggested I go to which I did. I suppose I might be able to custom build one with their tools but this has to be out there. I spend alot of time on yahoo/real money/ibd/biotech boards and see great stuff/ideas. Yet how do I convert some ideas about a product launch in 6 months to a tickler in 2 months etc.

    What I am NOT looking for is a search box that I type CPHD into and a ton of stuff comes up like vomit that I need to then cut and paste into my MS access homemade file structure that is not connected to anything and quickly I give up on. Been there done that quit that.

    Hopefully someone out there will have the perfect fit for me.

    If this has not been done, lets do it!

    Thanks in advnce,
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    nothing so far! Is this a really simple question OR a very hard one?
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    Microsoft OneNote is an excellent tool for storing "stuff". I use it all the time.
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    Microsoft One Note is a start! Thanks. Any other ideas? What do people use? How do you keep track of leads?
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