Best Data Source For Data Within 1 Minute of Real Time

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by jjs235, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. jjs235


    I am looking for a data source to supply me with the last price for 5000 ticker symbols to feed to my automated trading systems. Preferably it would be in real time, but can be delayed as much as one minute. Eventually this data needs to be turned into a text file, if it isn't already in one, so that I can feed it to another computer.

    Currently I have IQ feed which supports a maximum of 1800 symbols, and my broker is IB. DTN wants $350/month for text file data which updates prices every minute for all symbols. This seems too expensive to me for this type of data. Could you guys help me find the best solution for under $100/month?

    I've already tried to code numerous VBA macros utilizing IQFeed, IB, and yahoo data within excel to get this data for me, none of them work in under a minute for 5000+ symbols.
  2. has the price you need...

    and as i know you can get discount if you are pt multistation user...