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  1. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the numerious data feeds out there. I am planning on trying out NeoTicker for a while, and I need to subsribe to a data vendor. I currently use PowerEtrade Pro as my main platform, which is free for me, and so I have never had to shop around for the most reliable data feed. I know that a lot of them differ in many ways, but currently my only main requirement is that it offers streaming real time intraday charting. I would also like a few years of historical data as well, but for now I really need the intraday features. Can anyone make a recommendation on which to use? I appreciate your time.

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    There are only a handful of actual true data vendors. I think it's 4-6 who actually buy the data from the exchanges and resell to all the other vendors. If you get raw data directly from one of these vendors, it will probably be full of errors, so you probably want to deal with a vendor that does some processing of the data. Years ago I had a BMI statellite feed that was very was continuously cleaned, so even if you got data with bad ticks, it was cleaned by end of day. I would check out DTN, Esignal, and Track Data.
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    DTNIQ seems to be ok, had it for 2 moths. They do not provide bid/ask history however, but price is good for 500 symbols and only costs $20/month to jump to 1300.
  4. I read have many satisfied users here
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    The Ferrari of Data Providers