Best data feed realtime equity and emini??

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    I am wondering what data feeds people are using and what is the best. I am in the process of switching feed and software provider, using right now. They are cheap and decent, but not great. And get this....they don't really support multiple monitors! Apparently they are telling me you can experience problems/quote stream lag on any but the primary monitor!?!

    So anyhow, I have checked out IQfeed, eSignal, Qcharts, IB, etc. I have IB as a Broker to test them out right now, very decent, the feed drops dead for about 2-4secs for me every so often though :(

    I don't mind if suggestions are bundled feed/chart/screener etc. providers, or just the data feed like IQfeed.

    Thanks for the help :D
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    I have also checked CQG...they look fantastic...but ouch, i guess you get what you pay for. Still i can't afford $600/mth :(

    I am looking for a super reliable feed and would pay up to around $100/mth...for just the feed alone. If there is something for cheaper that is obviously better, or if the feed is bundled with decent charts, etc. then great!

    Also needs to be multi-monitor compatible...which i can't see being a problem for most idea why has trouble with this:confused:

    I am aware of some of the decent and very cheap options out there, such as IB -> Quotetracker or Sierra Chart and I will probably use the IB quotetracker combo for portfolio/watchlist/alerts etc. and then Sierra for the charts as a backup. I just wanted to find out if there are some really decent data feeds that I can plug into an Ensign or maybe Neoticker if those charting packages are any good.

    I will also be running two often that means 2x's the monthly license fees...So i would rather just have 2 platforms, a cheap one and a more expensive one.
  3. btw, you can use QuoteTracker with Prophet datafeed - solves the "they don't support multiple monitors" problem :). If you register QT - you would only need once registration for both computers.
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    Really, just one register will cover 2 computers with QT? That is great Jerry...i will take a closer look at QT. From what I can tell...QT needs to be backfilled, is that right? So that if i have IB as broker with free feed, i would still need prophet data feed or IQfeed, etc to get backfill on QT?
  5. . IB does have backfill - 5 days. If thats OK, then you don't need anything else. If you want 10 day backfill, both IQFeed and Prophet have that. IQFeed also has tick backfill option if you get custom configuration files from us (its slower).

    If you need historical charting for futures, you would also need to have the subscription (for stocks, QT's default will work fine)
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    Thanks Jerry...would i need to get prophet or IQfeed for longer term historical data on the US stocks? Like say going back 10+ years daily? Sorry for the possibly dumb questions...i have never really used a backfill type service before...always just used prophet and all their stuff is web based and server side.
  7. for US stocks, we have a couple of free sources for EOD backfill for the new historical charts, so paid subscription for just that is not needed. Those sources don't do futures though.
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    Ok, thanks Jerry...i will check out your website in better detail for the EOD stuff.

    What has been your experience with IQfeed?

    Any other's that have tried out IQfeed? I am considering using them for the futures, so I may as well get the stocks from them as well...since the US equity exchange fees are really minimal.
  9. IQFeed is one of the favorites for QT clients.
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    Does IB provide Bid/Ask history?
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