Best Data Feed for using Multicharts

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by forrestang, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. So I am getting sort of fed up with trying to use my TransAct data feed for multicharts.

    I am getting all sorts of problems, particularly finding historical data for TICK and VOLUME charts.

    Thinking about using E-Signal.

    I am ready to just pay for a data feed, and hope it alleviates most of my problems? If it doesn't, I can always cancel and I'll at the least have a nice cache of historical data.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Syprik


    DTN.IQ feed. Works very well with MC. Use it for volume/tick based strategies.
  3. Synonym


    IQfeed is a good one. Only trouble with an IQfeed on MC is that there is no other way to enter symbols than to manually add them one at a time. So if you plan on monitoring a lot of symbols, then you have that mind-numbing task to look forward to. :eek: A...AA...
  4. Tums


    MultiCharts is NOT very robust on IB datafeed.

    When the IB server reboots at midnight, MultiCharts can get disconnected...
    when IB comes back on, MultiCharts would still sit there waiting...

    This is not particularly useful on ATS that needs to be on 24/7.
  5. Hi Tums,

    The only recent problem with IB's data in MultiCharts was discrepancies in volume between the two programs. However, this problem was fixed a while ago and is no longer present in MC 5.0 beta 2.

    You are saying:
    We specifically tested MC in this particular scenario. MC 5.0 beta 2 picks up the connection without any problems. What MC version are you using?

  6. goslow


    I'd like to re-ask the question now, 1/1/2011:

    What is the best data feed choice for MultiCharts?

    I am thinking of either eSignal or IQFeed. The main goal is to have fast and complete CME data for just a couple symbols.

    Thanks in advance.
  7. It was over a year ago when I used the combination of DTN and MultiCharts, and as mentioned above it worked much better imo.
  8. Piffle


    IQFeed is your answer. Esignal doesn't have the full volume of the ES come through in real time, in my experience. Either that or IQFeed is making up lots of extra transactions. I have been using IQFeed now for a few years in MultiCharts and I have zero complaints. Very, very rare to have any data hiccups or anything at all go wrong.