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  1. Hi I'm looking to start up trading the ES and wanted to use Ensign Charts to trade with... They have a choice of datafeeds to choose from

    IB(can't use... won't be my broker... need more customer service as a newb)

    of those three options... what experience have you had with them?... I know a TON of people use Esignal... but its also very pricey... but I've also heard IQFeed has a lot of errors and slow data... which could kill my trading system.... I'd appreciate any help and direction

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    iqfeed DTN

    Do a search on IQFeed and Esignal here at EliteTrader. You will see a lot of feedback on both. Not sure where you are hearing we are slow. We had some issues more than a year ago with CME, but haven't had problems for quite some time. We are as fast and reliable as anyone out there. We have a lot of Ensign users running with our datafeed currently.

  3. Jay,

    I tried IQFeed (DTNIQ) about a year ago. I didn't find it slow but did have a lot of problems with erroneous data ("bad ticks"). In your view, has there been any significant improvement in that regard (e.g. improved filtering of data)? Thanks.


    I have used ESignal for a couple of years now. It is quite good for CME - about 99% of the time. However, if you plan to trade EUREX as well, then I would not recommend ESignal. For the last several months, I (and many others) have had a lot of problems with their EUREX data. Moreover, do not expect much help from their customer service.
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    Esignal is "very pricey"?

    Well, if $99 per month is going to put a big dent in your trading budget, you should re-think trading anything at all - especially ES.
  5. Trading should be treated as a business. Save wherever you can and that's what he is doing... And it's none of your business to tell him how he should run it unless he asks you for it. So far he did not...
  6. its only pricey ... to start off with... as far as training goes... i'm just trying to see if i can get the same quality data at a lower price... I'd be starting my acct with the rock bottom min... paper trading for a month or two..... so yes... as a college student my finances are limited, but I still find great potential in the ES and ER2 ... with the capabilities of Ensign... i believe I can be profitable... but that doesn't mean i should just throw my money out the window for esignal if another data source would be as reliable... hope that clarifies what i meant by "pricey"... i figure 3pts on one contract could pay for it each month...but when you're starting off that's a pretty big goal... ulitmately my goal is to pull 3-5pts out per day gradually upping my contracts so that I'm trading 1/4 of my acct value
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    Chuck_T eSignal

    eSignal offers a number of choices at different price points.

    We have the entry level MarketCenter, we have TahoeCharts (which will be renamed Advanced GET Basic) which shortly will be offered at $49 per month with data, and then eSignal, and FutureSource WorkStation. All will be available to add on Quotrek soon.

    Also, per the Eurex comments, we are reviewing the problems we've had on that particular feed and will be making some changes.

    Check out all our solutions here:

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    Exactly, it is a business - and to dismiss a feed based on price is not a smart move, eh? He was dismissing Esignal because he thinks it is "pricey". Thus my comment, and thus my answer was proper and "my business" as it related to his question.

    However, my response to him was absolutely none of YOUR business - that I'm certain.
  9. Actually I wasn't dismissing Esignal... if it ends up being the better data... which from everything i've read so far... it is... I'll probably end up going with it... I was just wondering if there was another alternative that wasn't as expensive... thats all...

    Can anyone give there feedback on using IQfeed for real time futures data?
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    But have you done anything concerning bad ticks (filter) ?

    All software vendors I asked, give a slight warning.

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