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    What is the best primary Currenex HUB for 25-50k account at this moment?

    I thought ADM was good but reading this forum I now see otherwise. :confused:

    Is Hotspot FXi platform also very dependent on the broker which offers it? Which broker would you recommend for FXi?
  2. Good question. I'm here for the answers also.
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    OK, good currenex hub seems to be a well kept secret :)

    But could someone at least tell me if quality of Hotspot FXi is as dependent on the HUB as the Currenex?

  4. Not any replies but this guy may be able to help, he seems to know what he's doing and trades institutional platforms, worth a look perhaps?
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    I cannot contact him... I am too new on that forum. DAMN IT. Will see what I can do.

    By the way, I got life view access to currenex from 4 brokers but... it is all the same spreads and liquidity.

    I think this is generic currenex demo with same feed. :( No way to compare.

  6. Cybren


    Hi Guys, Hotspot is the same for everybody. Or at least Hotspot institutional is. Which ofcourse is very different on Currenex where huge diffs occur depending on broker/clearer etc.
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    Here is side by side life demo screenshot of FXi and Currenex.

    On the surface Currenex looks better, but since this is one demo for all brokers I think it hardly reflects the reality.
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    FXi vs FXr demos screenshot...
  9. don.key


    Does anyone has experience with following Currenex hubs:

    * Capital Forex Pro
    * Twowaymarkets
    * vCap

    Which one of the above is good and which is not so?
  10. ssss


    Demo of hotspot fx can have different volume of downloading

    one -23 mb from currenex ,another 3.2 mb from hotspot

    Hotspotfx stated in e-mail to the author ,that is pure agent of principal -not have proprietary desk/account

    company belong to NITE .

    Platform make good impression .In U.K. funds are secured

    Dissadvantage -have not reserved html and java version

    As example OXPS and AMTD have all 3 -html,java and downloading

    Alternative CME FX EC,JY ,BP with OEC platform

    OEC was acquired from OXPS

    Author support opinion ,that capital must be divided
    in 4 accounts from small summ (have had multiple legal,technology problems )

    Better 4 account with 2000 $ each ,as one with 8000$

    Best wish ...
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